About Diet Plans

What’s the scoop on popular weight-loss diets? As I reviewed diets and read the books and research, several concepts became clear. Here are some observations:

  • Your health is more important than your weight. A diet plan must not only be safe and effective, it must contribute to your overall good health.
  • Many diets are based on sound weight-loss concepts but do not necessarily promote overall good health.
  • Most diet plans narrowly adhere to one primary concept, one primary plan, or one primary product. Too often, the diet plan becomes the basis for a marketing plan.
  • The most effective weight-loss plans are stringent, detailed, and difficult to follow. The dropout and failure rates are high.
  • Processed food producers offering “diet” foods have little interest in your health, and their “diet” products are often worthless, even hazardous to your health.
  • Diet advice from medical institutions and government agencies is, unfortunately, often based on misinformation promoted by lobbyists for food and drug industries.
  • There is no single drug or combination of drugs, prescription or over-the-counter, that will enable you to lose weight and be healthy. Period.
  • What works for each individual is somewhat different and the best strategy is to adopt the concepts  supported by a consensus of scientific evidence, validated by human studies, and contributing to your overall good health.

Remember these concepts, which can be summarized by one simple statement: most of what you read and hear about weight loss and diets is half-true, and often completely false.