Xtend-Life Total Balance Anti-Aging Supplements

Total Balance Xtend-LifeXtend-Life Total Balance Range

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 A synergistic formula of up to 99 pharmaceutical-grade nutrients

 Standard and premium men’s and women’s formulas, as well as children’s

 Improve vital organ function, increase cell strength and slow aging

There are seven versions of Xtend-Life Total Balance Supplements

These advanced Total Balance formulas contain up to 99 nutrients, some of which are rarely found in other supplements due to cost and ingredient absorption issues. (For example, L-Glutathione needs release in the upper intestine, not in the stomach. If released in the stomach, the acids render it ineffective).

Xtend-Life uses a sophisticated delivery system called enteric coating to overcome this issue. This releases all nutrients in the upper intestine, ensuring 100% bioavailability, and it has been incorporated into our Total Balance range.
These nutrients include a broad spectrum of:

  • Vitamins
  • Minerals
  • Trace minerals
  • Antioxidants
  • Amino acids
  • Neuronutrients
  • Bioflavonoids
  • Herb extracts
  • Enzymes
  • Other specialty substances and co-factors
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Xtend-Life Total Balance Review

What sets Xtend-Life’s Total Balance apart from the thousands of health products out there?

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  • It is a synergistic, comprehensive product. Combined with a high-quality fish oil, Xtend-Life Total Balance is all that most people will need to restore health, avoid disease, control weight, increase longevity, and increase energy and vitality.
  • It is a known fact that many vitamins, minerals, herbal extracts, and specialty nutrients work synergistically or can interact with one another. Total Balance was developed by a world-recognized bio-scientist, Prof Dr. A. Munem Daoud Ph.D., M.Sc, N.D.
  • Xtend-Life adheres to pharmaceutical GMP compliance, which is among the most rigorous manufacturing standards for dietary supplements in the world, as well as the nutritional supplement standards of New Zealand, which are more stringent than those in the US.
  • Xtend-Life has a COA (certificate of analysis) on file for each batch of product, your guarantee of the potency of the ingredients used.
  • Xtend-Life uses only standardized herbal extracts, in spite of the much higher cost. Quality is NOT compromised.
  • All raw ingredients are subjected to full microbiological testing, potency testing, and heavy metal testing before they are utilized for Xtend-Life products.
  • Many Xtend-Life products are manufactured using an enteric coating process. The process requires the application of a special polymer film to the tablet, which protects the tablet during its passage through the stomach.
  • Considering the quality of ingredients, the cost of Xtend-Life products is a real value. This is possible because they control development, manufacture, and distribution of their products.
  • They guarantee 100% customer satisfaction. If you are unhappy with your products for any reason, you may return any unopened bottles to us for a full refund any time within 12 months of your purchase, LESS shipping charges in some cases.
  • Although Total Balance and all of the Xtend-Life products are manufactured and shipped from New Zealand, the orders take no longer than some domestic shipments. I live in the Midwest and get my shipments in 4-6 days on average.

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